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The sanctum project

SANCTUM NOW exists to facilitate the creation of intentional sacred spaces and your own authentic sacred experiences.


SANCTUM NOW enables an experience of “connecting”, connecting to your Divine God, connecting to your Soul, to a part of yourself, with your body, your breath, with nature, stillness, feelings, and connection with a (living or passed) loved one.


SANCTUM NOW also enables the experience of “detaching” and letting go,  practicing transcending the ego, identities, judgments, attachments, to resolve guilt, shame, and to forgive in order to achieve Awakening and Liberation.


SANCTUM NOW helps you “connect” in order for you to also “let go of” heaviness and anchors.


SANCTUM NOW provides you a unique desert Tiny Guest Cabin, an indoors meditation space, and a lot of open outside spaces.  Solitude, quietness, peace and intentionality.


You can also find SANCTUM NOW events held at other locations in Southeast Arizona, such as in Sierra Vista!


Find the SANCTUM NOW Meetup group here, Facebook page here, and the YouTube channel here.

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Sanctum exists for you to benefit from being in a reverent sacred space. 

Currently Sanctum structures and spaces are being construed. You are welcome to join in and experience the creation of these spaces.


Sanctum helps you connect and experience authentic connections, in order to make peace with disconnecting and letting go.


Ethan helps to facilitate your customized experience.


Until we have our spaces ready, Sanctum Now events and retreats are held at other locations Southeast Arizona.

A tiny guest cabin, a mediation space, along with outside walking trails and spaces are being constructed. 




Who We Are

The Sanctum Project is created and facilitated by Ethan E Wise, MA.  It is the fulfilment of a calling and a dream.   


Sanctum offers you the ability to work directly with Ethan as your spiritual facilitator, in a manner completely tailored to your intention, to facilitate an experience that is meant to happen for you.


Many offer support and help support the mission of Sanctum.  Currently Sanctum guest cabin and a meditation space are in the middle of being constructed.  Those who believe in this mission volunteer their time to help create this Sanctum.  You are encouraged to volunteer and help making Sanctum a reality. 


Occasionally, Ethan offers Sanctum experiences in the city of Sierra Vista, AZ and in Tucson, AZ.

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