About  sanctum


Sanctum exists to help you find powerful experiences!


The Sanctum Project is created and facilitated by Ethan E Wise, MA.  It is the fulfilment of a calling and a dream.  It was officially started in June 2022.


Sanctum offers you the ability to work directly with Ethan as your spiritual facilitator, in a capacity and manner completely tailored to your intention, to facilitate an experience that is meant to happen for you.


Currently, Sanctum has a guest cabin and a meditation space in the middle of being constructed.  These are being built utilizing  alternative building methods, namely the use of compacted earth in earth-bags, intermixed with other local building methods.


Those who believe in the mission and vision of Sanctum volunteer their time to help in creating Sanctum. I welcome and ask for your help!


Sanctum is a space that welcomes all those who have a belief in a One Divine God, one Source, or Consciousness.


The concept of Sanctum derives from sacred spaces such as an Ashram, a Christian monastery, a Zen mediation temple, and other sacred spaces.


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Sanctum is located in Southeast Arizona on 35 acres of high desert land with stunning unobstructed southern views of endless miles allowing you see mountains and valleys, the big sky, and a view into Mexico 35+ miles away.


Sanctum is located in the Arizona Chihuahuan desert (to the Southeast of the Sonoran desert) in Cochise County.  This location is special, some like to think of it as the Sedona of Southern Arizona.


This location features mild weather year-round, and a vast diversity of birds.  The night sky touches the ground and offers you a magnificent view of the heavens that our ancestors gazed it, thanks to some of the darkest skies in the nation.


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Sanctum is for everyone.


Sanctum’s only mission is to enable for you to have powerful sacred experiences.


Sanctum exists to serve you.  Sanctum honors your faith, in a solemn, reverent manner to help you allow for the sacred in your life.


Sanctum honors every person and works with you and your beliefs.


Whether you are spiritual but not religious or a religious spiritual,  Sanctum honors your beliefs and any name, or no name, you ascribe to the One unfathomable God. 


Whether you come from an Abrahamic foundation and use the words God, YHWH, El, ‘the name’ and the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit Or if you are from traditions that use these names: Brahman, Tao, Consciousness, the Universe, Divine, Love, an All-One, or the Mystery.    I humbly welcome you here.




Indoors meditation

Guest tiny cabin

Sweat lodge

Nature observation deck

Walking trails


Night sky observation

.. and, Satellite Sanctum spaces created for events


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offerings and services


Sanctum customizes events and ceremonies to the extent you desire.


Meditation & Ceremonies:

  • Guided silent sitting meditations
  • Guided non-silent meditations (Options . Contact Ethan) 
    • Relaxing guided imagery
    • Chanting (according to your own faith)
    • Shatter the self identify
    • Connect to God
  • Guided eating meditation
  • Walking meditations
  • Sound healing sessions
  • Traditional sweat lodge
  • Gratitude, blessing, and prayer ceremony
  • Death-acceptance, loss and grief ceremony


Couples events

  • Includes all, some of, or none of the above
  • Couples’ coaching,  activities, and/or a ceremony *
    *. To help you connect more deeply


Retreat options:

  • Private and small retreats.
  • No one else shares the space with you.
  • Includes all, some of, or none of the options listed above, for individuals and couples.
  • Enjoy nature observation areas, the night sky, a telescope, a hammock, a rock garden, suntanning, grounding, and more.
  • Experience living in a tiny-house off-grid cabin with all the modern amenities, meals included.


Ethan is here to help, listen, guide and facilitate to any extent that meets your intention. 



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